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Jurassic Park Lockwood

jun - «maisie lockwood» | Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ⟨isabella sermon. LEGO Jurassic World Indoraptor-Verwüstung des Lockwood Anwesens Spielzeug für Jungen und Mädchen bei | Günstiger Preis. Beide, Lockwood und Hammond, arbeiteten an der Verwirklichung ihres Traums, einen Park zu erschaffen, der geklonte Dinosaurier zeigt. Einige Zeit nach der.

Jurassic World 2: Der größte Twist hat mit dem Indoraptor nichts zu tun

Bereits ab ,84 € ✓ Große Shopvielfalt ✓ Testberichte & Meinungen ✓ | Jetzt LEGO Jurassic World - Indoraptor-Verwüstung des Lockwood Anwesens. jun - «maisie lockwood» | Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ⟨isabella sermon. LEGO Jurassic World Indoraptor-Verwüstung des Lockwood Anwesens Spielzeug für Jungen und Mädchen bei | Günstiger Preis.

Jurassic Park Lockwood Recent Work Video

Major Secrets Explained - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Lockwood and Hammond

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Swanbeck Robert Emms : Jack.
Jurassic Park Lockwood 6/4/ · Lockwood was involved with the Jurassic Park project and was probably known to the higher-ups in the company: Park warden Robert Muldoon, chief engineer Ray Arnold, chief programmer Dennis Nedry, chief geneticist Dr. Henry Wu, and head veterinarian Dr. Gerry Harding. 9/16/ · Sir Benjamin Lockwood was a philanthropist and John Hammond's original partner on the Jurassic Park project. Following the death of his Daughter, he sought to resurrect her using InGen's cloning technology. This lead to a falling out between the pair and saw Lockwood ousted from the project. The Chairman of the Lockwood Foundation who would later back an expedition to Isla Nublar . Benjamin Lockwood was the partner of John Hammond and together in the lab of Lockwood's mansion, they created the technology to clone the dinosaurs for the Jurassic Park theme park. However, when his daughter and her husband die in a car accident. the grief stricken Benjamin decides to clone his daughter with the same technology. Beide, Lockwood und Hammond, arbeiteten an der Verwirklichung ihres Traums, einen Park zu erschaffen, der geklonte Dinosaurier zeigt. Einige Zeit nach der. Maisie Lockwood war ein Charakter in Jurassic World: Das gefallene Königreich und die Enkelin von. In „Jurassic World 2“ spielt der steinreiche Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell) eine zentrale Rolle und es fühlt sich so an. LEGO Jurassic World Indoraptor-Verwüstung des Lockwood Anwesens Spielzeug für Jungen und Mädchen bei | Günstiger Preis. Lockwoods Vision. Beide, Lockwood und Hammond, arbeiteten an der Verwirklichung ihres Traums, einen Park zu erschaffen, der geklonte Dinosaurier zeigt. Einige Zeit nach der Erschließung Isla Sornas und dem Baubeginn von Jurassic Park auf Isla Nublar, zerstritten sich Lockwood und Hammond, weil Lockwood, mit Hilfe der Klontechnik, seine verstorbene Tochter wieder ins Leben rufen wollte. - Construction begins on Jurassic Park: San Diego, which is like SeaWorld, but without the poor treatment of animals, and with cooler animals too. - Benjamin Lockwood's daughter, Maisie, is born. He was the assistant and finance manager of Benjamin Lockwood, one of the co-founders of the original Jurassic Park (alongside John Hammond) and the arch-nemesis of Claire Dearing. Lockwood Manor, also known as the Lockwood Estate, is a mansion that was owned by Sir Benjamin Lockwood, located in Northern California. It is the home of Sir Benjamin as well as Maisie Lockwood, Eli Mills, and Iris. Lockwood Manor is a major setting featured in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Eli lied to Lockwood about a rescue plan for the remaining dinosaurs, and has instead captured them to sell off to the highest bidder. Dinosaur DNA is an extremely valuable asset, and Eli and. Isabella Sermon. On June 22, the U. On June 24, Lockwood Watch Vampire Diaries Season 8 seen evidence that Maisie was telling the truth. Brooklyn is one of the campers of Camp Cretaceous.
Jurassic Park Lockwood
Jurassic Park Lockwood
Jurassic Park Lockwood

The following year, construction began on Jurassic Park: San Diego. By this time Lockwood would have been in his forties or fifties, older than most first-time fathers.

He had his first child by the time Hammond, who was roughly twenty years older than he, already had a grandchild and was soon to be expecting a second.

Maisie was primarily cared for by Iris Carroll while Lockwood was away on business. Though they planned to use unfertilized ostrich or emu eggs to incubate animals, this would not be possible until the species were identified as being compatible with these eggs, so artificial ova were a crucial technology for Jurassic Park.

Laura Sorkin demonstrated that ancient DNA could be successfully extracted from amber inclusions, making Jurassic Park a possibility rather than simply a dream.

Progress proceeded rapidly from this point onward. By the end of , Hammond had decided to relocate Jurassic Park from San Diego to the more exotic Isla Nublar , located in the Pacific Ocean west of Costa Rica.

This necessitated negotiations with the Costa Rican government, which owned the island just like with the Muertes Archipelago. With the Lockwood fortune to support the company, no price was too high for InGen, and Isla Nublar was leased to them as well.

They were tasked with relocating and providing for the Tun-Si tribe, a member of the Bribri people and natives of Isla Nublar; while InGen promised to help the people they were displacing, they are largely considered to have failed at this.

Not long after the first ancient DNA was extracted, work began on putting it to use. The first animal to be brought back from extinction, a Triceratops horridus , was cloned on Isla Sorna and hatched in Hammond hired the promising MIT graduate, Dr.

Henry Wu , that same year. Wu became a key player in the history of InGen, demonstrating that he could assemble a viable dinosaurian genome in a fraction of the time Dr.

Sorkin took by substituting ancient DNA with compatible genes from modern organisms. In addition to this, Dr. Wu suggested that the animals be made dependent on dietary lysine supplements for their survival, eliminating the possibility that they could survive outside of the Park.

By the end of the year, the first animals from Site B including only herbivores, such as Triceratops and Brachiosaurus were shipped to Isla Nublar and their new homes in the Park.

In , the Park got its first carnivore in the form of a one-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex. At some point between then and , Lockwood brought his daughter Maisie to see the Park; she was thrilled to meet the first creatures ever to be brought back from extinction.

Jurassic Park was not without its difficulties. Recreating species that had been extinct for tens of millions of years was no easy task, even with advanced genetic engineering techniques to help make it less laborious.

One of the biggest challenges was animal behavior: though they could study fossils found by paleontologists and research modern-day birds and crocodilians, the behaviors of ancient animals could never be fully predicted, especially with their genetic modifications.

The Velociraptor was cloned in the early s, with a study in early finding that they had surprisingly high levels of intelligence and group coordination.

This, and other new animals, made the completion of Jurassic Park a harder dream to achieve due to their unexpected behaviors and needs.

As the Park proved a challenge to complete in terms of biology and technology alike, it also provided unforeseen moral quandaries.

The human cloning debate was still relatively new and a hotly contended topic. Lockwood believed that InGen should push for the advancement of human cloning which is chiefly used in fields such as stem cell therapy , while Hammond was fundamentally morally opposed to the idea.

The Park continued without him, but ultimately a safety issue in early June involving three abnormally aggressive Velociraptors halted most major construction.

This took place on June 11, , but failed due to sabotage by a disgruntled employee. Details about the incident were swept under the rug by InGen and it is unlikely that Lockwood was privy to them.

In , a television interview with mathematician Dr. Malcolm claimed to be a survivor of the incident, describing to a disbelieving public that InGen had performed de-extinction on Isla Nublar and that dinosaurs had escaped and caused deaths on the island.

Naturally, he was dismissed as a fraud; Lockwood knew the truth, but did not reach out to Malcolm or provide any support to him.

Hammond suffered after the incident of , and by early was driven out of InGen by the Board at the orders of his own nephew, Peter Ludlow , who became CEO in his stead.

Ludlow does not appear to have had any major interaction with Lockwood at that point in time, instead busying himself with completing Jurassic Park: San Diego.

It is unlikely that Lockwood was aware of this plan. Jurassic Park and the existence of de-extinction finally made it into the public eye in In the early morning of February 23 , Ludlow brought a bull tyrannosaur to San Diego to show at a press conference.

The animal was accidentally freed during transport after being administered an excessive dose of naltrexone, causing it to enter an agitated state and cause damage to person and property within the city.

Eventually the animal was recaptured and transported back to Isla Sorna, but the truth about de-extinction was now out, and could never be hidden again.

On television, Hammond urged the public to protect Isla Sorna from human intervention and for the animals to be treated with respect, helping the U.

Hammond would pass away shortly after this, by the end of When Hammond passed away, Ludlow had already died during the effort to save InGen, leaving the company in turmoil.

It was ultimately purchased in by Masrani Global Corporation , an Indian megacorporation headed by Simon Masrani. The next few years saw major changes come to the islands InGen had once used.

The United Nations, which had taken up protection of the Muertes Archipelago and Isla Nublar, allowed Masrani Global limited access to the islands beginning in the late nineties.

Their freedoms were expanded in due to the deregulation of genetic research by the government, and in it was announced that Jurassic Park now called Jurassic World would resume construction on Isla Nublar.

That same year, an alarmingly precipitous decline in dinosaur populations on Isla Sorna was recorded, and Masrani Global began relocating the animals to Isla Nublar for their safety.

His wife appears to have passed away at some point before late ; the exact date is unknown. Tragedy struck in , when Maisie was killed in a car accident in late July.

Lockwood was consumed by grief at the loss of his only child. He held a celebration of life for her at St. Unable to cope with the loss of his daughter, Lockwood turned to InGen for a solution: if they could bring back dinosaurs from hundreds of millions of years in the past, then a human from mere days or weeks ago would not be nearly as difficult.

Details about this act are highly guarded as reproductive human cloning has been illegal in the state of California since , but the younger Maisie was born sometime between April and June of Lockwood most likely used somatic cell nuclear transfer to create her, and would have had to find a willing surrogate mother for the nine-month incubation period.

With the need for secrecy at a premium, his housekeeper and confidant Iris Carroll is the most likely candidate for Maisie Jr. As Lockwood grew older, he became concerned about the future, not just for himself but for his estate, Maisie, and the animals he had once helped create.

He became increasingly philanthropic, creating the Lockwood Foundation to use his money to help others rather than keep it all for himself.

To manage his estate and his finances, he hired an aide named Eli Mills , who he selected for his youthful idealism. Mills was tasked with growing the Lockwood fortune in order to better provide for the causes Lockwood supported.

Lockwood acquired a private island, Sanctuary Island , at some time in his life. Its location is undisclosed but believed to be in the East Pacific Ocean.

According to Lockwood, there is no human interference on the island, suggesting that he purchased it for conservation purposes.

He also purchased the transport freighter S. Arcadia ; since he was no longer performing business at this age, it is more likely that this ship was a relic of his earlier years.

The lone surviving Indominus escaped captivity on December 22, , causing a major security incident that permanently closed Jurassic World. Henry Wu vanished, avoiding the consequences of the incident and the legal inquiry into his work that followed.

Beginning shortly after the incident, people working for Mills began to frequent the estate, but Lockwood appears to have not considered this unusual.

Although the public had been enthralled by de-extinction when it was first unveiled and flocked to Jurassic World in droves, the novelty wore off over the years and by had mostly reduced dinosaurs to another type of exotic animal.

This was compounded by major political changes in the United States following the election , after which the U. Lockwood followed this controversy intently as it developed throughout late and became ever more intense in With the threat of an explosive eruption on Isla Nublar becoming greater, Lockwood came to realize that the U.

He had Mills begin arranging an operation to illegally save the dinosaurs, should the powers in charge fail to do so. If the government declared they would take no action, Lockwood would have the animals relocated safely to Sanctuary Island using the S.

Arcadia , where they would be under his protection and safe from human interference. Simon Masrani had died during the incident in , and the new leadership did not share his fond memories of Hammond or his environmentalism.

She was summoned to his estate, where she, Mills, and Lockwood discussed the operation; Mills filled her in on the later details as Lockwood needed to retire to his room for routine medical reasons.

Travel had been arranged by airplane from a private airstrip located nearby, with a departure scheduled for the following morning at sunrise.

According to Mills, who oversaw the operation on Isla Nublar , everything was going according to plan and the dinosaurs would be safely rescued.

Midway through June 23, while he was sleeping after looking through a photo album of his daughter, he was awakened by Maisie.

She relayed confusing information to Lockwood: she claimed that Mills was not planning on rescuing the dinosaurs at all, but was bringing them to the manor to sell, and he had been discussing it with a stranger he took into the basement.

Still, this tale troubled him, and he became wary. On June 24, Lockwood had seen evidence that Maisie was telling the truth.

However, Carroll probably relayed to Lockwood that Mills had ordered her to keep Maisie locked in her room for the day, which would have further confirmed her story about Mills having devious plans.

If Carroll was able to investigate the sub-basement, she would have discovered and warned Lockwood about the laboratory being retrofitted with new equipment and staffed with geneticists including Henry Wu himself.

Mills finally went to see Lockwood during the night, when a cavalcade of cars had begun to arrive at the mansion.

Lockwood did not accept his justification and ordered Mills to turn himself in. Mills used a decorative pillow to smother Lockwood to death; in his fragile state, Lockwood could not fend off the attack and died due to asphyxiation.

DNA is visible on the maintenance board of Jurassic Park's geothermal power plant and on a board indicating how tall a person must be to ride the upcoming Bone Shaker roller coaster.

In Jurassic World , Mr. DNA was used by the Masrani Global Corporation for their new dinosaur park, Jurassic World. He remained the same as his original counterpart, but two variations of him exist: one with only blue and white representing the colors of Jurassic World's logo and the other being red and white.

Visitors encounter him in the Innovation Center where he explains the basics of genetics and how the dinosaurs were recreated.

In the video game Lego Jurassic World , Mr. DNA is a playable character and appears throughout the game to give hints to the player s on how to progress through the levels.

DNA is also a character players can collect. As with the original Jurassic Park video game, he also offers the player s dinosaur trivia.

He is aware of InGen's political dealings and will inform the player of them, yet always presents such in a positive way. These characters first appear either in the novel, The Lost World , or in the film adaptation, The Lost World: Jurassic Park Sarah Harding is an ethologist animal behaviorist who specializes in African predators.

She is intelligent, feisty and rugged, and employs common sense and practicality in dangerous situations, putting the safety of her colleagues first.

Her calm personality permits her to quickly take command of the group and devise ways for them to survive and escape the island.

She and Ian Malcolm were in a relationship for a period, and at one point she claimed she was in love with him. The relationship did not work out, although they remained close friends.

She is idolized by Kelly Curtis who sees her as tough and smart. In the novel, she mentions that her father was a veterinarian and bird specialist at the San Diego Zoo, implying that Dr.

Harding is her father. In the movie, Sarah Harding's character is merged with that of Richard Levine 's.

She is intelligent and feisty as well as kind and jolly, but impulsive and too eager to interact with the animals, often placing herself and others in danger.

As well, her character is a behavioral paleontologist, a 'paleo-ethologist', rather than just an animal behaviorist, who specializes in dinosaur parenting behavior.

Her relationship with Ian Malcolm is far more in-depth, as they'd gotten together after the events of the first film and they remain together for the duration of the film.

She is shown to be compassionate towards the dinosaurs, in such situations as petting a baby Stegosaurus , freeing dinosaurs from InGen, healing a baby T.

Kelly Curtis is a close friend of Arby in the novel, and is Ian Malcolm 's daughter in the film.

In the novel, Kelly is a year-old girl who is fascinated by science and idolizes Dr. Sarah Harding. Richard Levine, aware that he is being followed by Ed James , hires Kelly and Arby as his assistants to run errands for him ahead of his expedition to Isla Sorna.

When Kelly learned that Sarah would be on the trip, she decided to sneak aboard a trailer being transported to the island.

While on the island, Kelly manages to overpower a Velociraptor by hitting one with a broken pipe and shooting one with an air rifle.

In the film, Kelly was abandoned by her mother after her parents' separation. She is skilled in gymnastics , which she uses to rescue her father from a Velociraptor.

The film adaptation portrays her as African American, a trait shared by Arby, who does not appear in the film. Nick Van Owen is a video documentarian and member of Malcolm's expedition to Isla Sorna.

He is an experienced field photographer who has covered wildlife and combat situations, and began volunteering with Greenpeace to meet women.

His experience with Greenpeace later spurs him to act in defense of the dinosaurs. He is the only member of his team to be warned by Hammond about InGen's expedition, and sneaks into their camp to release captured animals and disrupt their harvesting operation.

He also rescues the infant T. As the teams merge and form an escape plan, Nick easily gains the tacit respect of the rugged InGen men, as in one scene he is shown to effortlessly motivate the men while Peter Ludlow fails.

His activist nature conflicts with the hunter style of Roland, and he covertly switches the latter's ammunition to ensure the T. When the group reaches the island's InGen compound, Nick uses the radio to call for rescue.

He leaves on the first evacuation helicopter departing Isla Sorna. David Koepp , the film's writer, chose the surname Van Owen as a reference to one of his favorite songs, " Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner ", by Warren Zevon.

Richard Levine is one of the most brilliant and wealthy paleontologists in the Jurassic Park universe.

Marty Guitierrez seems to be his only real friend, although he eventually forms a delicate relationship with Ian Malcolm.

Levine's egotism and spontaneous personality prove to be a source of constant irritation to the rest of his colleagues, mainly Malcolm.

After being arrested for speeding, Levine is ordered by a judge to teach a junior high school class, where he meets students Arby Benton and Kelly Curtis.

Aware that he is being followed by Ed James , Levine hires Arby and Kelly as his assistants to run errands for him ahead of the expedition.

Unlike his colleagues, the two children look up to Levine, leading him to develop a paternal attitude towards them. Levine originally intended to travel to Isla Sorna as part of Malcolm's team, but goes there on his own before the Costa Rican government has a chance to destroy the island.

When the rest of his team arrives, they find themselves constantly running after him when he decides to continue his research regardless of what is happening around him.

Although he is bitten twice by Procompsognathus , he ultimately escapes the island without major harm. While not appearing in the film, some of his aspects were merged with the character Sarah Harding.

Jack "Doc" Thorne is a former university professor and materials engineer who specializes in building field equipment, vehicles, and weaponry for scientists.

Thorne is also the boss of Eddie Carr. He exhibits an eclectic mix of character traits, relying on both practical expertise and Eastern philosophy , claiming that one needs to know philosophy and history to succeed in engineering.

His company, Mobile Field Systems, is hired to outfit Richard Levine 's expedition to Isla Sorna. Thorne's contribution to Levine's mission includes a large research trailer, nicknamed "The Challenger", an electric SUV , a motor bike, a pair of air rifles, and a modified satellite phone.

When Levine goes missing on the island, Thorne heads to Isla Sorna with Ian Malcolm and Eddie Carr to retrieve him. Thorne saves his friends multiple times, and survives his time on the island.

Thorne is not in the film, although parts of his character are integrated into the roles of Eddie Carr and Roland Tembo. Eddie Carr is the group's field equipment expert.

He is added to the team because the vehicles he designed have not been field-tested. Eddie is frightened by Isla Sorna and wants nothing more than to retrieve Richard Levine and get off the island as soon as possible.

He has a slightly antagonistic relationship with Ian Malcolm , who does not like that Carr's world is so heavily influenced by unreliable electronics.

He is eventually killed by a pack of raptors while fighting them off with an iron pipe. In the film, while he is attempting to rescue Ian, Sarah, and Nick, he is ripped in half by the two adult T.

In the film, his relationship with Malcolm is apparently positive, for Malcolm leaves him to take care of his daughter.

When he is eaten, Malcolm demands that he be given respect for trying to rescue them. In the novel, he is described as a compact and strong year-old who prefers the city.

In the film, he has black hair, is balding, and is at least ten years older than the description in the novel, taking on some characteristics of Jack Thorne.

He tends to be quiet and shy, but is very intelligent and good with computers. He skipped two school grades and is in seventh grade with Kelly.

When Kelly expressed interest in stowing away in the Challenger trailer with him, it was Arby who came up with a plan on how to do so.

He does not appear in the film adaptation, although Kelly is portrayed in the film as an African American. Howard King is an assistant to Lewis Dodgson.

Once a successful biologist employed by Biosyn, he lost credibility when his research on blood- coagulation factors failed.

Dodgson hired King as his assistant in the reverse-engineering department. He is divorced and has one child, who he sees only on weekends. He accompanies Dodgson to the island, and eventually begins to disagree with Dodgson's dark desires.

They are separated after being chased by tyrannosaurs. Eventually, King flees from a pack of raptors in a field of tall grass.

A raptor knocks him over and inserts its claws into his back, before biting into his neck and killing him.

George Baselton is a biology professor and assistant to Lewis Dodgson. As a well known authority and pundit , he is retained by Biosyn and Dodgson to spin any bad press that may arise.

When he and Dodgson are trying to steal Tyrannosaurus eggs, the sonic device Dodgson is using to keep the parent Tyrannosaurs at bay becomes unplugged.

Both men stand absolutely still, falsely believing that the dinosaur's vision is based on movement. The Tyrannosaurus subsequently kills him.

Diego is Levine 's guide on Isla Sorna. He is a young and enthusiastic Costa Rican who went to the island several times as a boy and knows it better than anyone else.

He does not believe that the dinosaurs are there. Even when Levine warns him to be quiet, he simply says that they have nothing to fear.

He seems to annoy Levine many times, not only with his insistence that only birds live on the island, but also by disobeying his orders to refrain from using items like cigarettes.

Diego is killed when he is ambushed by a Carnotaurus while he and Levine watch a Mussaurus in total awe. Peter Ludlow is the anti-villainous main antagonist of the second film, John Hammond 's nephew, and the newly elected CEO of InGen.

He attained this position after convincing InGen's board of directors to oust Hammond following an accident on Isla Sorna, in which a group of Compsognathus attacked a girl who was visiting the island with her family.

Ludlow is also directly responsible for tarnishing Ian Malcolm's reputation, through outright bribes to Costa Rican officials and misinformation to the press, when Malcolm tries to expose InGen's cover-up of the Jurassic Park incident.

His character, based on Lewis Dodgson and the first novel's John Hammond, is ruthless, selfish, greedy and condescending toward those who work for him or those he dislikes.

As a result, he is not very well respected by the members of his team who instead choose to follow Roland Tembo or Nick Van Owen. In an attempt to revitalize Hammond's original Jurassic Park attraction in San Diego, Ludlow assembles an InGen team to recover Isla Sorna's dinosaurs and move them to the original park.

But Ludlow only manages to bring back the male T. Ludlow's death mirrors that of Lewis Dodgson. While trying to recapture the infant in the hold of an InGen cargo ship, he is confronted and captured by the adult and then fed to the infant.

Roland Tembo is a hunter hired by InGen to lead the expedition. Although he is hired by InGen, his primary motivation for going to Isla Sorna with his hunting partner and friend Ajay Sidhu is to hunt the ultimate trophy, a male Tyrannosaurus.

Although he gets his prize in the end, he is upset by the death of Ajay. When Ludlow offers him a job at the planned Jurassic Park attraction in San Diego, he declines by saying; "I believe I've spent enough time in the company of death.

As with Van Owen, Koepp chose the name Roland as a reference to one of his favorite songs, "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner", by Warren Zevon.

Dieter Stark is Roland 's second-in-command during the InGen team's expedition on Isla Sorna. Dieter expresses dislike for Nick and gets into a scuffle with him following Nick's release of the InGen team's captured dinosaurs, who destroyed the team's base camp and communications equipment.

After getting lost while trying to find a spot in the forest to urinate, he is attacked and killed by a group of Compsognathus ; this is confirmed after Roland and Ajay find him at night.

Ajay Sidhu is Roland Tembo's friend and hunting partner. He accompanies Roland during his attempt to capture the T. Fleeing from the T. The group is eventually killed by Velociraptors.

Ajay's death is not shown on screen, but Roland later confirms it, by stating that Ajay "didn't make it. Robert Burke is the InGen team's paleontologist who provides several pieces of incorrect information.

During a conversation with Malcolm, Sarah Harding states, "Robert Burke said that the T. Burke and others hide behind a waterfall when they are pursued by a Tyrannosaurus , but he is startled when a milk snake slithers down into his shirt.

Failing to identify that the reptile isn't venomous, he panics and is subsequently caught and eaten by the female T. Carter is a member of the InGen team.

Because of headphones, he fails to hear Dieter's cries for help as he is attacked by a pack of Compsognathus. Carter is killed when the female T.

Ed James is a private investigator hired by Lewis Dodgson to get information about Richard Levine and the survivors of the Isla Nublar incident.

After placing a bug in Levine's apartment, he learns the location of Isla Sorna, which he then reports to Dodgson. He does not accompany either team to Isla Sorna.

These characters only appear in the third film, Jurassic Park III ; there was no third novel. Paul Kirby is the owner of the hardware store "Kirby Paint and Tile" whose year-old son Eric goes missing near Isla Sorna.

Paul and his ex-wife Amanda pose as a wealthy couple with Paul claiming to be the owner of Kirby Industries.

He promised to fund Grant's dig site to lure Grant into accompanying an aerial tour of the island. They fly there with a mercenary team, land against Grant's orders, and become stranded following an attack from a Spinosaurus.

The Kirbys reveal the truth to Grant, that the Costa Rican and U. Grant responded to Kirby that he never went to Isla Sorna.

When the group is attacked by the Spinosaurus on a river, Paul uses himself as bait so the others can escape. This allows Grant an opportunity to divert the Spinosaurus using a flare gun.

Paul survives the incident and is rescued from the island with the others. Amanda Kirby is Paul's ex-wife who accompanies the search party to "Site B" to help look for their missing son Eric and her boyfriend Ben.

While Paul passed himself off as a businessman that owns Kirby Industries, Amanda claims that she is a thrillseeker.

As a running gag through most of the film, Amanda ignores Grant's warning that loud shouting attracts carnivores.

Grant locates Eric, and Amanda eventually reconciles with Paul. When the group is confronted by the raptor pack, Amanda, the lone female in the group, is ordered by Grant to return the stolen eggs to the raptors.

She is rescued from the island, along with Paul, Eric, Grant, and his assistant Billy. Billy Brennan is a young and overenthusiastic graduate student at Grant's dig site.

He accompanies Grant to Isla Sorna where they are stranded with the Kirbys. He later collects Velociraptor eggs, intending to sell them to help fund Grant's dig site, but causing Velociraptors to stalk the group.

Grant is angry when he learns that Billy took the eggs. Billy redeems himself by saving Eric Kirby from Pteranodons. He survives but becomes separated from the others and is presumed dead.

He is rescued by the military, and reunited with Grant on a helicopter. Eric Kirby is the year-old son of Paul and Amanda who is stranded for nearly eight weeks on "Site B", and must fend for himself.

This leads to Paul and Amanda enlisting Dr. Grant and some mercenaries to help find him. He finds a way to collect T.

Grant says he had a fossil one, from the first film, but Eric replies that his is a new one. After being saved from Velociraptors , Grant reunites him with his parents.

After escaping from a Spinosaurus , a flock of Pteranodons and Velociraptors , he leaves the island with his parents, Grant, and Billy.

A series of books written by Scott Ciencin follow Eric's time on Isla Sorna as well as other related stories before Grant and the others arrive.

These books are Jurassic Park Adventures: Survivor , Jurassic Park Adventures: Prey , and Jurassic Park Adventures: Flyers.

Udesky is one of the mercenaries hired by the Kirbys, who describes himself as a booking agent taking the place of another man who became ill.

He is meek but sardonic, and is balding with a short mustache. Udesky survives the Spinosaurus ' s attack on the plane, but is separated from the others during a raptor attack.

A raptor stabs Udesky's back with its toe claw, immobilizing him in an attempt to lure the other humans out to help him. When this does not work, a Velociraptor kills Udesky by snapping his neck.

Cooper is one of the mercenaries hired by the Kirbys. Shortly after landing on Isla Sorna, Cooper and the other mercenaries encounter a Spinosaurus and flee back to the plane.

With Cooper behind in the jungle, Udesky demands the others to get back on the plane stating "Cooper's a professional; he can handle himself.

The Spinosaurus snatches Cooper in its mouth, and the plane hits the animal and crashes through the forest. Nash is the Kirbys' mercenary pilot who abandons Cooper and is subsequently attacked by a Spinosaurus , which drags him out of the plane's wreckage by the legs.

As Nash tries to crawl through the jungle to escape, the Spinosaurus pins him to the ground with its foot and devours him.

He is carrying a satellite phone given to him by Paul shortly before he is eaten. Later, when the others hear the phone ringing from within the dinosaur's abdomen, they know the Spinosaurus is nearby.

The phone is later recovered from a pile of Spinosaurus dung. Mark is Ellie's husband. He works for the U. State Department , and specializes in international relations and treaty law.

They have two young children, including Charlie. Ben Hildebrand is Amanda's boyfriend. He takes Eric parasailing near Isla Sorna.

When the boat crew is killed, Ben saves Eric and himself by disconnecting the para-sail from the vessel and gliding onto the island.

However, they crash-land in a tree. Although his cause of death is left unexplained, his decomposing corpse is found tangled in his parachute.

Enrique Cardoso is the operator of the illegal para-sailing service called "Dino-Soar" which brings visitors to sight-see along the coast of Isla Sorna.

He is hired by Ben Hildebrand and Eric Kirby to take them to the island; however, Enrique and his boat driver are killed offscreen when they enter a fog bank, causing the vessel to crash and the tourists to become stranded on "Site B".

His cause of death is not explained in the film. Charlie is the young son of Ellie and Mark, who calls Grant "The Dinosaur Man".

Grant phones Ellie while being attacked by the Spinosaurus , but it is Charlie who answers the phone. These characters first appear in the fourth film, Jurassic World Owen Grady is one of the main protagonists of Jurassic World and its sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Pratt and Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow described Owen as a combination of Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm, with Pratt stating, "He's got a little bit of the Goldblum cynicism but also the Sam Neill excitement at the wonder of the biology of it".

He has romantic feelings for Claire Dearing, though they agreed not to pursue a relationship due to their conflicting personalities.

Owen opposes genetically modifying dinosaurs to increase the appeal factor for audiences. Owen had been rearing and training four Velociraptors Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie since they hatched so that they would imprint on him, and conducts behavioural research on them.

He objects to Vic Hoskins's proposal to use raptors as military weapons, explaining that his relationship with the four raptors is a personal one and that they only respond to him under controlled conditions.

This is demonstrated when he risks his life saving an employee who falls into the raptor paddock when trying to capture a pig that had escaped into the enclosure.

Later, Owen criticizes the Indominus rex ' s paddock, which provides no social interaction. It appears that the Indominus rex has escaped but Owen discovers it has camouflaged itself and masked its heat signature; two staff are killed and Owen barely survives the ambush.

When the Indominus rex escapes, Owen demands the dangerous and bloodthirsty animal be hunted and killed. Owen helps Claire search for her nephews, Zach and Gray, who are exploring the park on their own, and is shocked by how little Claire knows about them.

They trail the boys, eventually returning to the main resort where escaped pterosaurs are attacking visitors. Owen shoots several, and Claire saves him from a Dimorphodon attack.

They reconnect romantically with a kiss, then are reunited with Zach and Gray, who idolize Owen for his skill and bravery. Owen learns that Hoskins, backed by his InGen team, has taken charge of the park and plans to use the raptors to track the Indominus.

Owen reluctantly agrees to the plan on the condition that he commands the operation. The plan works initially but backfires when the raptors begin communicating with the Indominus , which usurps Owen as the raptor pack's alpha.

He is able to rekindle his bond with Charlie, but a soldier kills the raptor with a missile launcher. Later, Owen, Claire, Zach, and Gray arrive at the laboratory and discover that InGen had cleared it, taking dinosaur embryos with them.

Hoskins reveals his plan to use the Indominus rex as a weapon. Delta appears and kills Hoskins while Owen, Claire and the boys escape.

Outside, they are confronted by the other raptors. Owen is able to re-establish his bond with the raptors who attack the Indominus , aided by Owen, but two are killed.

Claire releases the Tyrannosaurus from its paddock and lures it into a fight with the Indominus. Blue also attacks the Indominus , which is ultimately forced toward the park lagoon where the Mosasaurus grabs it and drags it underwater.

Owen sees Blue one last time before Blue runs off. Owen and Claire decide that they will remain together. Pratt reprised his role as Owen Grady in 's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

After the Jurassic World incident, he and Claire have ended their relationship and he is building a cabin. He joins Claire and her Dinosaur Protection Group DPG , to try to save the Isla Nublar dinosaurs from a volcanic eruption, mainly as a means to save Blue.

But he and the others discover that they have been double-crossed by Ken Wheatley and his contractor Eli Mills , the assistant of Benjamin Lockwood.

Owen, along with Claire and the others, discovers that Mills is illegally auctioning the dinosaurs to the highest bidder at the Lockwood Estate in northern California.

With help from Lockwood's nine-year-old granddaughter, Maisie, Owen learns that Dr. Wu created the Indoraptor , made from a Velociraptor and the bone sample of the Indominus rex , and Wu wants Blue's DNA to create another Indoraptor prototype that is as obedient as her.

Disrupting the auction, Owen knocks out most of Mills's mercenaries in a physical fight to stop the Indoraptor from being shipped to its new owner.

Protecting Claire and Maisie from the Indoraptor and the mercenaries, Owen, with help from Claire and Blue, is able to kill the Indoraptor by causing it to become impaled on the fossilized horn of a ceratopsian skull.

When a hydrogen cyanide leak threatens captive dinosaurs that were not sold in the auction, Owen advises Claire against releasing them, but Maisie lets them loose.

Owen is later shown driving an old station wagon , accompanied by Claire and Maisie. Since the incident, Owen and Claire have reconciled their relationship.

While not stated in the film, writer Colin Trevorrow said that Owen and Claire become adoptive parents to Maisie.

Chris Pratt will reprise his role as Owen Grady in the sixth film Jurassic World: Dominion , scheduled for release in Claire Dearing is one of the main protagonists of Jurassic World and its sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

She is the workaholic operations manager at dinosaur theme-park Jurassic World. She had a single date with Owen Grady before the events of the film, but they did not pursue a relationship due to their conflicting personalities and lifestyles.

Claire is first seen attempting to recruit corporate sponsors who want more exciting dinosaurs. She shows them Dr. Wu's new genetically-modified hybrid dinosaur, the Indominus rex , which she authorized the geneticist to create under park owner Simon Masrani's orders.

When the Indominus escapes, Claire dismisses Owen's claims that it is a highly intelligent animal and must be killed, and orders its recapture.

When this attempt fails and results in casualties, she rejects Owen's order to evacuate the entire park and instead closes park sectors and attempts to relocate the customers to the center of the resort.

She soon realizes that her nephews whom she left with her assistant Zara are missing, and enlists Owen's help in finding them.

Despite Owen's objections, Claire accompanies him to search for the Indominus and her nephews. While Owen comforts a dying Apatosaurus that had been attacked by the Indominus , Claire emotionally bonds with it, altering her view of the park's dinosaurs as "assets".

She later comes to see that the Indominus should be killed. Another hunting attempt ends disastrously, resulting in the Indominus breaking into the park's aviary, freeing all the pterosaurs with the helicopter crashing and killing Masrani.

As the escaped pterosaurs attack the customers, Owen and several park hunters attempt to shoot them. Claire rescues Owen from a Dimorphodon attack, and they kiss.

Their moment is cut short by Claire's reunion with Zach and Gray. Vic Hoskins and his InGen team take control of the park after Masrani is killed, and Claire accuses Hoskins of hoping for such a disaster.

Later, to stop the Indominus , Claire lures the park's Tyrannosaurus into a fight with it. The Indominus is ultimately killed, and the survivors are evacuated from the island, where Claire and her sister Karen reunite.

Claire and Owen decide that they will stay together. In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom , Claire and Owen have ended their relationship and she is leading the Dinosaur Protection Group DPG , an organization dedicated to save the Isla Nublar dinosaurs from a volcanic eruption.

Her experience from the Jurassic World incident changes her; she is both compassionate toward the dinosaurs and hardened by her ordeal.

She also meets Maisie Lockwood, the nine-year-old alleged granddaughter of Benjamin Lockwood, and bonds with the girl. Claire, her team, and Owen later discover that Lockwood's aide, Eli Mills, is illegally auctioning the dinosaurs, and they work to stop him from shipping Wu's deadlier hybrid prototype, the Indoraptor.

She and Owen also learn that Maisie is a clone of Lockwood's deceased daughter. After Claire and Owen succeed in killing the Indoraptor with Blue's help , they are shown driving in a station wagon with Maisie.

Since the incident, Claire and Owen reconcile their relationship. Writer Colin Trevorrow stated that Owen and Claire become adoptive parents to Maisie.

Bryce Dallas Howard will reprise her role as Claire Dearing in the sixth film Jurassic World: Dominion , scheduled for release in Vic Hoskins [39] is the main human antagonist of the fourth film.

He is the head of InGen Security. Prior to events in Jurassic World , Hoskins had been involved in a two-year research program at the theme park meant to test the Velociraptors ' intelligence.

After observing the raptors obey Owen's commands, Hoskins sought to use them as military animals and put them through a field test. Owen objects, and Masrani later rejects Hoskins's idea to use raptors to hunt the Indominus.

When Masrani is killed, Hoskins takes command and puts his raptor plan into effect to kill the Indominus , and Owen reluctantly agrees to take part.

When it fails, Hoskins and the InGen team prioritize the evacuation of the lab, saving the dinosaur embryos and transporting them, along with Dr.

Wu, to an unspecified location. Hoskins reveals to Owen and Claire that he intends to create miniature versions of the Indominus as weapons to keep InGen Security viable.

Before he can leave, the raptor Delta appears and corners him. Hoskins attempts to mimic Owen's hand signals to assuage Delta; although it works briefly, the raptor fatally mauls him.

Earlier in the movie, all raptors express animosity toward him, and Delta had stared at Hoskins in a menacing way while he inspected her.

Barry explained that she only did that when she was hungry. Before this, when he inspected her on a previous occasion, she hissed and growled at him, taking an immediate dislike to him.

Gray Mitchell is Claire's nephew, Zach's younger brother, and a visitor to Jurassic World. He is known for his enthusiastic behavior and his obsession with the park, to the annoyance of Zach.

He is also concerned and upset by his parents' impending divorce. Zach has them abandon Claire's assistant Zara to explore the park on their own, and they enter a restricted area where they encounter the Indominus.

Gray and Zach escape by jumping off a waterfall, and subsequently find the decaying remains of the original Jurassic Park Visitor Center.

Working together, the brothers restart an old Jeep and drive back to the resort, where they find Claire and Owen Grady.

Later, during the final confrontation between Owen's raptors and the Indominus , Gray convinces Claire to have Lowery release the Tyrannosaurus by claiming that they need "more teeth" to defeat the Indominus.

Gray and his brother survive their ordeal at Jurassic World, and are reunited with their parents at the end of the film.

Zach Mitchell is Claire's nephew, Gray's older brother, and a visitor to Jurassic World. When the brothers first arrive, Zach is annoyed and embarrassed by Gray's enthusiasm for the dinosaur exhibits, and mostly ignores him.

When Gray becomes upset over their parents' impending divorce, Zach remains unsympathetic, ordering his little brother to grow up.

The two boys soon abandon Claire's assistant Zara to explore the park on their own, and Zach becomes a little more amused by the park.

He has a girlfriend, though he constantly checks out girls at the park to the annoyance of Gray. The boys board the gyrosphere ride, but when Claire orders all guests to return to the resort, Zach convinces Gray to stay out in the field and drives the vehicle into a restricted area, where they encounter the Indominus.

When it attacks the vehicle, Zach and Gray jump off a waterfall to escape. They come upon the decaying remains of the original Jurassic Park Visitor Center, where Zach repairs an old Jeep and drives them back to the resort area, where they reunite with Claire.

Zach is impressed by Owen Grady, referring to him as a "badass". He and Gray restore their bond during the crisis, and are reunited with their parents.

Barry is Owen Grady's assistant and friend, who cares for the four Velociraptors trained by Owen. When Delta stares intently at Hoskins, Barry explains to him that it is how she looks at prey when she is hungry.

Like Owen, Barry argues with Hoskins that Velociraptors cannot be used as military animals. When Barry is alerted that an "asset" is out of containment, he apparently realizes it is the Indominus rex and states, "They'll never learn.

Barry drives an ATV during the raptor hunt for the Indominus , and he is the first to realize that the raptors are communicating with it.

He is later pursued by the raptor Blue and takes cover inside a hollow log for protection. She attempts to break it open, causing him to draw his pistol in defense.

Unable to bring himself to shoot Blue, he instead calls out her name. This briefly rekindles their bond, but she resumes the attack.

Owen is able to distract Blue, allowing Barry to escape. He later escapes the island with other survivors.

Omar Sy will reprise his role as Barry in Jurassic World: Dominion , scheduled for release in Simon Masrani is the CEO of Masrani Global Corporation and the owner of Jurassic World.

In the film, it is stated that Masrani is the eighth richest man in the world, and that John Hammond entrusted Masrani with his dying wish to open the theme park.

Much like his friend, Masrani shares Hammond's joyful eccentricities and only concerned in the applications of cloned dinosaurs, making patrons' satisfaction with Jurassic World his main priority, unconcerned with the technical aspects of the engineering process.

The business then expanded into the oil industry and bought InGen after the death of John Hammond in Henry Wu within InGen's ranks, [42] and that the company set up a lab in Siberia to search for Cenozoic DNA from glaciers.

In the film, Masrani is first seen flying a helicopter with his co-pilot, and it is stated that he will get his license in two more days.

While flying, he discusses Jurassic World with park manager Claire Dearing, and makes it clear that he believes that happiness is most important for humans and dinosaurs, and tells her lessons about how one cannot be in control.

When most of the ACU team Asset Containment Unit is wiped out, Masrani confronts the hybrid's creator, Wu, who claims that he engineered it under Masrani's orders for "cooler" animals.

Masrani later pilots a helicopter to track the Indominus rex , and he takes two ACU soldiers with him to shoot and kill the animal. The Indominus rex flees from the helicopter gunfire and breaks into the park's aviary, letting loose Pteranodons and Dimorphodons.

Pterosaurs collide with the helicopter which crashes into the aviary, killing Masrani in an explosion. The Masrani website states that the company experienced its worst financial crisis following the events of Jurassic World.

Lowery is the park's tech-savvy operations overseer and serves as the film's comic relief. He is a fan of the first theme park and wears a vintage Jurassic Park T-shirt.

Sir Benjamin Lockwood was a philanthropist and John Hammond's original partner on the Jurassic Park project. Following the death of his Daughter , he sought to resurrect her using InGen's cloning technology.

This lead to a falling out between the pair and saw Lockwood ousted from the project. The Chairman of the Lockwood Foundation who would later back an expedition to Isla Nublar to rescue the last remaining dinosaurs on the island before they were wiped out by an active Mt.

Though Lockwood planned for the animals to be relocated to an Island Sanctuary , the expedition was usurped by the Head of the foundation, Eli Mills.

Mills had arranged for the capture and transport of the dinosaurs back to the Estate for sale by auction to fund his real agenda; the creation of the Indoraptor.

Upon discovering this Lockwood was outraged, threatening to reveal everything to the public leaving Mills with no choice but to smother the ailing man in his bed, claiming he had died in his sleep.

John Hammond partnered with Lockwood as a young man, endeavoring to find a way to bring Dinosaurs back to life through a process they were developing called De-Extinction.

The first successful extraction attempt was in the Basement Laboratory at Lockwood's Estate in California. At some point during the project, Lockwood's Daughter died, supposedly in a car accident.

Consumed by grief, Lockwood began planning to use the technology that he and Hammond had developed to bring her back to life. Hammond was horrified by what Lockwood wanted to do and forced him off the project.

As the years passed Lockwood's contribution to the project would gradually be forgotten. Even Claire Dearing , Operations Manager at Jurassic World was unaware of exactly how much involvement Lockwood had had.

Lockwood would never forget though, keeping a model of the park on Isla Nublar in his bedroom. Lockwood would continue with his plan to clone his Daughter and was eventually successful in creating Maisie , and identical clone.

He and his housekeeper Iris would raise her as his Granddaughter, with no knowledge of her true origin or Mother. In his later life, Lockwood would hire Eli Mills straight out of college to 'guide his fortune into the future'.

As the years progress he would gradually fall into ill health, eventually becoming wheelchair bound and requiring additional oxygen.

Seeking the right the wrongs of the past, Lockwood organised an Expedition through his Foundation that would travel to Isla Nublar and rescue the endangered animals for transport to a new Island Sanctuary.

Als die bewaffneten Jäger entgegen Owens Anweisungen versuchen, Blue zu betäuben, wehrt sich diese und wird infolgedessen angeschossen und gefangen genommen. Insgesamt bleibe er hinter dem Vorgängerfilm zurück. Statt Silverkino Mutter zeigt es jedoch ein Mädchen, das Badearzt aussieht wie sie und daneben eine Jahrzehnte jüngere Iris.

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Jurassic Park Lockwood The Tyrannosaurus subsequently kills him. Natural Acts: A Sidelong View of Science and Nature. Zach is impressed by Owen Grady, referring to him as a "badass". He plans to steal embryos from a secure lab, drive across the park to hand them off to a Biosyn agent waiting at the dock, then return to the control room and reactivate the security systems before his absence Duda Hertha suspicious. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Two of these animals were hatched in ; the survivor later Game Of Thrones Stream Hd Serien a major security incident that resulted in Jurassic World closing its Unitymedia Sky Angebote indefinitely. Finally, Schwester Christa Schwarzwaldklinik delegated most of the responsibilities of the operation to his estate manager, rather than overseeing it himself; though he was not healthy enough to join in directly, his lack of involvement and reliance on Eli Mills led to the mission being used as an illegal business venture rather than environmentalist action. Owen helps Claire search for her nephews, Alfred Nyssen and Gray, who are exploring the park on their own, and is shocked by how little Fettiger Ansatz knows about them. She is the workaholic operations manager at dinosaur theme-park Jurassic World. Hal Osterly is the fictional vice-president of Verizon Wireless who wanted to sponsor an attraction at Jurassic World. He makes a brief appearance in the first film credited as Polarforscher calling Dennis Nedry Tarzan Stream 2021 the docks, waiting for him to arrive with a collection of stolen dinosaur Steffen Dürr Sieben Stunden Stream order Die Purpurnen Flüsse 3 Stream leave the island.

Jurassic Park Lockwood

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