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Serie Young Sheldon

Alles zur Serie Young Sheldon. Die Highschooljahre des Sheldon Cooper. User-​Wertung: 3,50 von 5 bei Bewertungen. Bei "Young Sheldon" handelt es sich um das erste und bislang einzige offizielle Spin-off von der Hit-Sitcom "The Big Bang Theory". Zugleich fungiert der Titel als​. Young Sheldon ist eine Prequel-Spin-off-Serie zu The Big Bang Theory und erzählt von Sheldon Lee.

Young Sheldon - Jede Legende hat einen Anfang

Die Serie "Young Sheldon" erzählt von der Kindheit des Sheldon Cooper, der in der Mutter-Serie "The Big Bang Theory" von Jim Parsons gespielt wird. Entdecken Sie Young Sheldon: Die komplette 1. Staffel [DVD] und weitere TV-​Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. Young Sheldon ist eine US-amerikanische Comedyserie von Chuck Lorre und Steven Molaro, die seit dem September von CBS ausgestrahlt wird.

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Young Sheldon - Fights Bully with SCIENCE

Der neunjährige Sheldon Cooper hat vier Klassen übersprungen und beginnt gleichzeitig mit seinem älteren Bruder an der Highschool. Die Tatsache, dass er hochbegabt ist, stößt bei seinem Vater, seinen Geschwistern und seinen Schulkameraden häufig. Young Sheldon ist eine US-amerikanische Comedyserie von Chuck Lorre und Steven Molaro, die seit dem September von CBS ausgestrahlt wird. Young Sheldon: Das neunjährige Genie Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage) wächst in Series 2 (DVD) Wann kommt young Sheldon Staffel 4 ins Fernsehen. Young Sheldon – die Serie auf ProSieben. Mit "Young Sheldon" ist Serienerfinder Chuck Lorre ein neues Meisterwerk gelungen: Das erste Spin-off der berühmten. Januar November Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten Fehrnsehn mittendrin. Mai Nguyen 1 Wanna One Boomerang, Darlene 1 episode, Episode Guide. Radio Shack Alien 1 uncredited unknown episodes Troy Brookins Retrieved October 6, Party Guy Entertain Selection episode, Frank 1 episode, Deb Hiett Sheldon is Münster Tatort Folgen followed around by a bully and must find a way to use self defense to fight back. Emille Thomas In the end, George and Bobbi's dad hang out and plan to tell their wives the made-up story of them Jimin Pink involved in a deadly fight. Rate This. Sheldon enjoys the intellectual stimulation, but dislikes the folk M Barek -singing family that he lives with. In the Season 4 episode "Graduation", Mayim Bialik as Amy, the wife of Serienkiste.Tv Sheldon has a brief voiceover Hardcore Pawn Stream while Sheldon describes the graduation party for their son Leonard, whom he reveals was named after Leonard Hofstadter and Leonard Nimoy. Retrieved November 5, New on Prime Video India This November Mary Bayern 1 Podcast into Sam, a student Sheldon has worked with previously. Connie seemingly accepts him as a worthy son-in-law, only for George to get the recipe from Sheldon as soon as she leaves. Serie Young Sheldon show's title sequence is played to the song "Mighty Little Man" by Steve Burns. Archived from the original on December 13,
Serie Young Sheldon Young Sheldon Comedia 2 min. vistas 4 Temporadas 71 Episodios Young Sheldon Serie Completa En esta serie derivada de 'Big Bang', Sheldon Cooper tiene 9 años y se salta cuatro cursos para entrar directamente a la secundaria junto con su hermano mayor, menos listo que él. Young Sheldon is an American comedy television series on CBS created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro. The series is a spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory and begins with the character Sheldon Cooper at the age of nine, living with his family in East Texas and going to high school. Iain Armitage stars as young Sheldon, alongside Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Montana Jordan, Raegan Revord, and Annie Potts. Jim Parsons, who portrays the adult Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, narrates the seri. Meet the Young Sheldon cast members: Iain Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Annie Potts, Montana Jordan, and Reagan Revord. Young Sheldon is an American period sitcom television series for CBS created by Chuck Lorre and Steven series is a spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory and begins with the character Sheldon Cooper at the age of nine, living with his family in East Texas and going to high school. Young Sheldon (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
Serie Young Sheldon Sheldon's first day of college is derailed by his new philosophy teacher, Professor Ericson. Also, Mary and Brenda live vicariously through Missy's first day of middle school. Current Episode (aired 21 . 45 rows · Young Sheldon is an American comedy television series on CBS created by Chuck Lorre . Young Sheldon est une sitcom américaine créée par Chuck Lorre et Steven Molaro et diffusée en simultané depuis le 25 septembre [1] sur le réseau CBS aux États-Unis et sur le réseau CTV [2] au Canada.. C'est une série dérivée préquel de la sitcom The Big Bang Theory, centrée sur la jeunesse de Sheldon Cooper, l'un des personnages principaux de la série d'origine, qui est Acteurs principaux: Iain Armitage, Jim Parsons, Zoe Perry.

Serie Young Sheldon - Teste Dich jetzt!

Serienjunkies erklärt: Spin-off.
Serie Young Sheldon
Serie Young Sheldon
Serie Young Sheldon

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Iain Armitage Sheldon Cooper 73 episodes, Zoe Perry Mary Cooper 73 episodes, Lance Barber George Cooper Sr.

Missy Cooper 73 episodes, Jim Parsons Sheldon Cooper 73 episodes, Annie Potts Edit Storyline It's and 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper has skipped four grades to start high school along with his less-intellectual older brother.

Genres: Comedy. Edit Did You Know? TV Schedule. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search.

Sign In. Young Sheldon —. Season: 1 2 3 4. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. S1, Ep2. To appease his worried mother, Sheldon employs the techniques of a self-help book to try and make a friend.

Butcher 1 episode, Elon Musk 1 episode, Flora Douglas 1 episode, Costello 1 episode, Dave 1 episode, Alf 1 episode, Amy Farrah Fowler 1 episode, Lawrence 1 episode, June 1 episode, Madam Laveau 1 episode, Ronald Hodges 1 episode, NASA Director 1 episode, Sandra Thorpe 1 episode, Libby 1 episode, Nora 1 episode, Ralph 1 episode, Gretchen 1 episode, Cyndi Lauper 1 episode, Bruce 1 episode, Doug 1 episode, Marty Steinbecker 1 episode, Randall 1 episode, Moving Guy 1 episode, Edward Pilson 1 episode, Beverly Hofstadter 1 episode, Clara 1 episode, Ebner 1 episode, Clint Watson 1 episode, Gilbert 1 episode, Norman 1 episode, Kenneth 1 episode, Fran 1 episode, Pat Culpepper 1 episode, Omar 1 episode, Student 1 1 episode, Luis 1 episode, Elliot Douglas 1 episode, Mai Nguyen 1 episode, Scientist 1 episode, Five-Year-Old Missy 1 episode, Tommy Clarkson 1 episode, Luann 1 episode, Wolowitz 1 episode, Phyllis 1 episode, Nathan 1 episode, Darlene 1 episode, Patel 1 episode, Meredith 1 episode, Boggs 1 episode, Student 2 1 episode, Gerome 1 episode, Erica 1 episode, Hank 1 episode, Prayer Group 2 1 episode, Kim-Ly Nguyen 1 episode, Customer 1 episode, Le Nguyen 1 episode, Teresa 1 episode, Dorothy 1 episode, Stover 1 episode, Gilford 1 episode, Jason Davies 1 episode, Stan 1 episode, Umpire 1 episode, Woman 1 episode, Student 3 1 episode, Referee 1 episode, Veazey 1 episode, Clint 1 episode, Bobbi Sparks 1 episode, Barrett 1 episode, Ned 1 episode, Radio DJ 1 episode, Sueann Ludlow 1 episode, Marcus 1 episode, Mikey 1 episode, Frank 1 episode, Susan 1 episode, Lisa 1 episode, Francine 1 episode, Rabbi Schneiderman 1 episode, Bustifer 1 episode, Bowers 1 episode, Woman on Bus 1 episode, Jason 1 episode, Dexter 1 episode, Student 1 episode, Veronica 1 episode, Fred Murphy 1 episode, Emergency Alert 1 episode, Paula 1 episode, Nigel 1 episode, Ricky 1 episode, Krawcynski 1 episode, Connie and Sheldon become addicted to video games.

She even pulls him out of school so he can play with her, since she had promised not to play without him.

Meanwhile, Georgie takes a part-time job at Herschel Sparks' garage, where he displays a definite talent for tire repair. Sheldon takes a psychology class as his elective, and is told to observe family dynamics over the Thanksgiving weekend.

He sees his parents argue over whether or not George should accept a higher-paying job coaching at the University of Tulsa , since his family does not want to leave Medford.

George rejects the offer and Sheldon becomes unexpectedly emotional while reading his report to his class. Missy and Paige have a sleepover, during which Paige warns Sheldon that his excessively mature personality might cause him to be a social misfit and weirdo as an adult.

In response, he tries to play practical jokes on various people. After finally succeeding with Missy, he becomes satisfied with his social progress.

Meanwhile, John asks Connie to teach him how to drive a car. He fails to become proficient, but they then state their love for each other.

Sheldon tries to teach math to Missy using Socratic questioning and operant conditioning , causing her to slug him when he threatens to damage her Cabbage Patch doll unless she learns calculus.

Georgie joins Mary's bible study group so that he can be close to Veronica. They get baptised together, but she slugs him when he kisses her.

Mary berates and grounds her sons for their actions. Sheldon has to go to a hospital for several days to get his gall bladder removed.

He is a difficult patient until he gets a roommate with a hole in his heart. All of his family except for Georgie misses him.

Georgie is humiliated at school when he tries to win back Veronica, Mary insists that George tell her who his first crush was, Connie has to break up a shoving match between John and another scientist who was getting too friendly towards her, and Sheldon acquires a box of defective smoke detectors so that he can take out the Americium and build a nuclear power plant for the neighborhood.

Government agents in hazmat suits then arrive. Sheldon witnesses Georgie being bullied by a fellow student, and strikes up a friendship with the bully that enables him to coerce services from Georgie.

However, Sheldon brags about the relationship to an even bigger bully, which results in Sheldon being imprisoned in a locker overnight. Meanwhile, Missy steals Connie's makeup for school picture day, accuses Mary of being a killjoy, and has to spend the night with Connie.

Connie then explains to her that Mary became a devout Christian because Missy almost died at birth, causing her to change her attitude towards her mother.

Eventually, Dr. Sturgis admits that Sheldon was right, and deserved a perfect score. Pastor Jeff becomes ill, and has Mary take over his duties, such as providing counseling to a pair of newlyweds, and visiting a shut-in.

The visit is difficult, but when Mary tries visiting him again, she discovers that he died. Sheldon's favorite brand of bread tastes different, so he begins a campaign to advocate for tight government regulation of bakeries.

During a TV interview, he inadvertently says that communism might be the answer to the bread crisis, so the Cooper family is shunned by the town.

Meanwhile, Veronica breaks up with her boyfriend, so she and Georgie become " just friends ". Beth McCarthy-Miller.

Mary becomes pregnant, causing George to worry about finances. He does get a pay raise from the school, but Mary suffers a miscarriage.

Meanwhile, Sheldon takes up violin lessons to be more like Albert Einstein. Noticing the prevalence of Jews like Einstein in physics, he decides to become Jewish himself.

A rabbi then talks him out of it. To gain some experience in living at a college, he stays overnight with John. The experience is mostly enjoyable, but after he accidentally starts a fire in the kitchen, he is happy to return home.

Mary is delighted, since she had been experiencing empty nest syndrome. Annoyed that so many school funds go to football instead of the science classroom, Sheldon decides to run for class president.

The campaign goes badly until Sheldon decides to fight dirty using information that Missy got from his opponent's younger sister; she's originally from New York.

Sheldon uses Texas pride to win. However, Principal Peterson vetoes his use of an old version of the Pledge of Allegiance.

When Veronica has problems at home, the Coopers take her in for a few days, thrilling Georgie. She fits in well with all the family and Georgie's kindness make her actually start to have feelings for him.

George steps in when her mother's boyfriend tries to take her home against her will. Meanwhile, John proposes to Connie after a year of dating, only to hear she never thought she'd marry again, upsetting him.

Connie takes out a large newspaper ad proclaiming her love for him, winning him back. Pastor Jeff stays with the Coopers while he has marital problems, making things uncomfortable for Mary and George and bonding with Georgie over girl problems.

When he finds his wife has left him, he considers leaving the church until he meets Robin, a female police officer. Sheldon and Missy get many donations for the church, while Connie takes Dr.

Sturgis to the casino. He doesn't enjoy it very much and is put off by her attitude while losing, until she has a big win. Georgie uses his own money to pay for cable TV service, but will not allow his father to use it.

In response, George presents Georgie with a bill for the services that he provides to Georgie. Sheldon invites the entire school to a listening party for the announcement of the Nobel Prize winners in Physics , which would come over a shortwave radio.

Due to the time difference between Sweden where the announcements are made and Texas, the announcement comes at five o'clock in the morning local time, so nobody attends Sheldon's party, except for his mother.

After realizing that she only attended to show sympathy, not because of interest in the announcement, Sheldon excuses her.

Although he helped Sheldon set up the shortwave radio, Dr. Sturgis does not attend Sheldon's party because the Nobel prize announcement triggers a depression within him as he realizes that his work will never be recognized with a Nobel prize.

Sheldon begins to cry as the results are read out, believing he will ultimately remain friendless for the rest of his life; however, the narration states that in this regard he was thankfully wrong as a montage is shown of the activities of his future friends and future wife while the prize announcement is being made.

Following Dr. Sturgis's hospitalization in a mental hospital, Mary worries something similar may happen to Sheldon. With Mary being indirect in trying to evaluate Sheldon's mental state, her questions cause Sheldon to be concerned about her mental health.

This is resolved at the psychologist's office once Mary reveals the reason for her questioning. His father dismisses the idea.

Georgie initially fails with his plan until he figures out a way to play on the locals' nostalgia for snow in Texas to sell the snow globes. Believing he is not being challenged enough in school, Sheldon decides to skip his classes and study independently in a broom closet within the school library.

Once discovered, George and Mary disagree on whose responsibility it is to resolve the matter. During one argument, Connie offers a suggestion to have Sheldon audit Dr.

Linkletter's physics course while Dr. Sturgis is hospitalized. Although the problem with Sheldon is solved, George is disturbed by his fight with Mary, and with the advice of Assistant Coach Wilkins, George invites Mary for date night.

Meanwhile, Pastor Jeff tries to ward off his desires for intimacy with his girlfriend, Officer Robin, and Mary assists him with that.

Pastor Jeff calls Mary's home for assistance while she is out on her date night with George, but with Mary being out, he speaks to Missy instead.

Missy lies to Pastor Jeff about her and Georgie's experimentation with an Ouija board. Missy then fears that the lie it will land her in hell , so she calls Pastor Jeff back to confess.

The call back occurs just as Pastor Jeff was about to get intimate with his girlfriend, which he interpreted as a sign from God to cease.

In response, Officer Robin asks Pastor Jeff to marry her. Linkletter, wanting to create additional opportunities to meet with Connie, invites Sheldon to a robotics lecture.

Connie feels uncomfortable, and refuses to take Sheldon to the lecture. Sheldon accuses Connie of being selfish, so she spanks him offscreen.

His parents also refuse to drive him, hearing of his disrespect towards Connie. Sheldon also accuses his parents of being more selfish than Connie so they ground him for a month.

Sheldon therefore decides to take a bus to visit Dr. Sturgis at the mental hospital. Before he is tracked down by the police, a seatmate on the bus convinces Sheldon that he was in the wrong.

He then 'apologizes' to his parents and Connie by showing them an episode of Star Trek that conveys his feelings, but they don't quite get it.

Meanwhile, Georgie's latest get-rich-quick scheme nets him much money, which impresses his love interest, Veronica, but she rejects the expensive bracelet he buys her, so he buys her a cheap candy bracelet instead.

Sheldon becomes obsessed with solving the unified field theory , a problem Einstein couldn't solve. This worries Mary, so Sheldon unsuccessfully tries to distract himself with other activities.

The school librarian suggests to Sheldon to do something that is the "opposite of science", leading Sheldon to conclude that reading fiction is the closest alternative.

He starts reading Lord of the Rings , but becomes obsessed with figuring out discrepancies in the story-line. When Sheldon falls asleep, he dreams about a battle between "the Hobbitses" and "the Physicses" for his attention.

With "the Physicses" winning, Sheldon goes back to focusing on physics after waking up. Meanwhile, Missy becomes infatuated with a boy who is into baseball.

She therefore asks George to teach her how to throw and catch a baseball, and how to sound intelligent talking about baseball.

The plan fails because the boy is interested in another girl, but the time spent with George helps Missy bond with him. George then teaches Missy how to throw a curveball , a skill that she uses to throw an apple at the boy who hurt her feelings.

Sturgis is released from the mental hospital, and comes together with Connie for dinner at the Cooper's home. After dinner, Dr.

Sturgis breaks up with Connie, feeling that she deserves someone more mentally stable than himself. Connie, not used to being broken up with, gets upset, so Dr.

Sturgis recommends to her to go back to dating her ex-boyfriend, Ira Rosenbloom. During the date with Rosenbloom, Connie confesses to him that she only called him for a revenge date, and it was at Sturgis' suggestion.

In response, Rosenbloom rejects future dates with Connie. Meanwhile, Sheldon feels that it's not fair for him not to be friends with Dr.

Sturgis just because Sturgis and Connie broke up, and convinces Mary to invite Sturgis for dinner. Sturgis arrives at the Coopers' home bringing a pineapple as a gift, which he explains is a symbol of hospitality.

Mary does not like the dinner table conversation that is taking place, and asks George to take Dr. After graduating high school, Sheldon has a breakdown when he realizes he may not be ready for college; Dale tries to make amends with Meemaw.

S4, Ep2. Sheldon gets a summer job at the local train museum; Missy embarks on a new stage of womanhood; Georgie discovers Mary's guilty pleasure.

S4, Ep3. With college in sight, Sheldon is determined to ride his bike without training wheels. Also, Mary and George Sr.

It premiered as a special preview on September 25, Young Sheldon entered off-network syndication on Nick at Nite as of November 30, In the United Kingdom , Young Sheldon is broadcast on free-to-air channel E4 , with the season 1 premiered on February 22, In May , it was announced that the first three seasons of the series would stream on the WarnerMedia-owned HBO Max service; no release date was announced at that time.

The website's consensus reads, " Young Sheldon ' s appealing cast and relatable themes bring a fresh—and overall enjoyable—perspective to its central character's familiar story.

The first season of Young Sheldon was released on DVD and Blu-ray by Warner Bros. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American television sitcom.

Chuck Lorre Steven Molaro. Iain Armitage Zoe Perry Lance Barber Montana Jordan Raegan Revord Jim Parsons Annie Potts Matt Hobby.

Steven Molaro Jim Parsons Todd Spiewak Chuck Lorre Steve Holland Jon Favreau pilot only. Chuck Lorre Productions Warner Bros. Main article: List of The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon characters.

Main article: List of Young Sheldon episodes. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter, two college physics professors who teach the classes in which Sheldon enrolls, are not introduced until Season 1 Episode 19 and Season 2 Episode 13 respectively.

Deadline Hollywood. Archived from the original on March 13, Retrieved March 13, Archived from the original on May 22, Retrieved May 22, The Daily Beast.

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Serie Young Sheldon

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